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Reptile supply

Outstanding Selection of Reptile Supplies

Get all of your necessary care supplies for your new reptile at Fins and Friends. We can help you get the right heating and lighting for your new friend and the perfect cage to keep them in. We also carry reptile food, so you can leave our store with everything you need to properly care for your new reptile. 

Reptile Heating and Lighting and Cage Options

Different reptiles can need different lighting types in order to survive and thrive. Fins and Friends has all of your necessary heat bulbs and UVB lighting. We understand how confusing it can be to choose the best options for your reptiles.

Reptiles also have different cage size requirements to meet their needs. We carry a variety of starter kits that are available at a more reasonable than you'll find anywhere else in the St Cloud area. We also work with many distributors and can special order a variety of reptile cages and setups with a 50% deposit.

A Variety of Reptile Food Choices and Live Feeders

Some reptiles also like a variety of food choices and they can get tired of being fed the same insects each day. As a result, we offer a number of common, live food options. Some of the options we have in stock for you include meal worms, wax worms, horn worms, super worms, crickets, Dubia roaches,  as well as, frozen or live rats and mice.
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